Civil Engineering Department of VISAT has been established with the aim of providing a high quality education covering the varied facets of civil engineering. The department aims at providing the best guidance, facilities and opportunities to develop the outlook, personality and technical skills of the students to cater the needs of the society and be the makers of the world.

The department has a highly qualified and experienced faculty with excellent academic record from renowned Universities in India and abroad. There is a proportionate mix of academic excellence and industrial experience amongst the faculty, which is instrumental in imparting the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students.

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering which can be applied to all other fields; today civil engineering is a very broad field, compared to other engineering disciplines. A civil engineer has to conceive, plan, estimate, get approval, create and maintain all civil engineering activities. Increasingly, civil engineers are also involved in exciting new areas such as environmental designs, pollution control, space structures, robotics, risk management, infrastructure, and biomedical engineering.

The department admits about 60 students every year in the B.Tech. program