The laboratories under Computer Science & Engineering Department are,

Programming Lab

The primary purpose of this course is to introduce the language of C and Python to solve engineering problems and to provide students with a core understanding of the features of C and Python language.This course introduces students to basic concepts of programming methodology and programming tools through a combination of lectures, tutorials, assignments and tests.

Database lab

The lab provides a strong formal foundation in database concept and technology. The course focuses on the creation of database with different types of integrity constraints and use the SQL commands such as DDL and DML. Provides knowledge on Relational algebra operations, serializability of a schedule, Dynamic Hashing and how to access and manipulate data using PL/SQL blocks with procedure, function, cursor and trigger.

Hardware Lab

Identification of various components of the system ,Assembling of the system , Installation of operating systems

Networking Lab

To impart programming concepts in Networking and Web Technologies which includes java Programming, xhtml,  xml, perl and php programming. To develop programming skills on the different technologies used in the World Wide Web and Networking.​

Multimedia Lab

This lab enables the students to enhance their creativity skills in Graphic designing, Multimedia applications​

Open Source Technologies Lab

The importance of this lab is to identify and apply various Linux commands,develop shell scripts and GUI for specific needs.Use tools like GIT,Perform basic level application deployment, kernel configuration and installation,packet management and installation.

Language and Linguistics Lab

The importance of communication in high profile business environment cannot be discounted. With a  view to enhance the communication skill of the students the college has invested in a language lab platform. The software through its dedicated modules provides practical and efficient use of technology. The software has been designed keeping in mind the proficient and not so proficient   language users. It has 35 student consoles and one teacher console. It has become an invaluable technology-cum-language tool supplementing the classroom pedagogy of teaching.

 Operating System & System Software Lab

Students will gain practical experience with systems programming above and below of system call interface of operating systems. Students will learn how to write concurrent programs and gain understanding how kernel programming differs from normal application development. SS Lab deals with Assembler, Linker, Loader and macro pre-processor with different passes.