Eco Friendly Campus

The basic philosophy of VISAT towards all processes and activities is oriented towards environmental sustenance and eco friendliness. The architecture of buildings ensures maximum sunlight on all floors. This allows high circulation of natural air and green plantations to flourish on all floors. A network of rain harvesting systems ensures continuous recharging of ground water table. The sewage treatment plant recycles the water filtered through its beds for horticulture needs of green lawns, hedges and plantations of college. Each block and building is surrounded by large open areas on which green lawns, hedges and planters maintain a healthy balance with environment. 

The waste management area is given high priority. The recyclable garbage waste and non recyclable wastes are dumped in specified containers and dustbins. 


VISAT College library works with faculty and students and considers the current requirement for books, Jounals and periodicals. VISAT Library provides latest library material to its patrons on Engineering ans Science related subjects. Collection includes 8000 books, national and international journals and many periodicals. It also has free access to thousands of international journals through High-speed digital library and free auxiliary programs in soft skills, communication skills and interview facing. 

 Computer Centre

VISAT has a fully equipped Computer Centre with Latest Computers, LCD Monitors, High speed networking equipment with uninterrupted power supply. It has all requisite Hardware and Software so as to impart knowledge in the most hi-tech environment. The entire campus is equipped with Wi-fi and internet facility of 34mbps bandwidth for useful academic interactions.


Internet has revolutionized the world of information which has greatly influenced the development of communication strategies. Internet is a great tool to learn & research about their subject area from thousands of articles around the world, besides communicating with experts sitting across the globe for information sharing. The entire campus is equipped with Wi-fi and high quality persistent bandwidth offering high speed and uninterrupted 34 Mbps connectivity on Optical fibre Network. 

Work Shops

Specially designed workshops include Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Welding Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Carpentry Shop, Smithy Shop, Foundry Shop. The acquisition of latest equipments and machines ensures basic Engineering skills with the help of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable faculty. 



Laboratories at VISAT are equipped with best quality equipments of the respective subject. An Engineer contributes to the development of society when he is able to innovate new ideas. For this special focus has to be there on the practical aspects of the course, which increases the curiosity and interest of the student. VISAT Labs provide the students training on the equipments and machinery which he is going to face while he moves out to serve the industry. Experiments are performed under the guidance of expert Faculty. 

Conference Rooms

VISAT has conference rooms which provide a perfect setting for one to master team skills through exercises like brainstorming sessions, group discussions, role-plays and seminars. 



VISAT Cafeteria has been especially designed with clean and comfortable environment where the students can enjoy their food. Refreshment time is the time when a student takes break from the studies to relax and thus the cafeteria is open to students, staff and other visitors to the campus. The menu has been planned to best fit the needs of the students. The cafeteria provides hygienic and healthy foods and snacks at affordable price and in good quality. 


College bus service is available from Ernakulam via Mulanturuthy, Piravom, Cherthala via Vaikom, Thalayolaparambu,Thiruvalla via Kottayam, Ettumanoor and Thodupuzha via Moovatupuzha.