“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

The Central Library of VIJNAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY was established in the year 2011. It is fully automated with a rich collection of Books, National and International Journals, back volumes of journals, technical & general magazines, project reports, seminar reports and non-book materials like CD ROMs on Engineering .It is housed in an area of 5000 Sq. ft. The collection comprises 15330 printed documents such as books, project reports, seminar reports and back volumes of journals and the non-book materials like CD ROMs. This Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification System,open access , Bar code based circulation process and OPAC Literature Search.  This library provides on- line access to a large number of full text journals from various publishers. These e-journals are accessible on intranet to campus users only.

Library is a member of National Library Network – DELNET. Information from National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) and other Electronic Resources are also available for the user community. Only Library members are allowed to access all materials (such as Books, Journals, Magazines, Digital materials and E-Journals etc.) available in the library collection. The Library reading space can accommodate more than 200 students. Library functions such as Acquisition, Circulation, and Cataloguing have been automated using open-source integrated software called KOHA. Membership of the library is open to Students, Teachers and Non Teaching Staff of this college. Library membership is free to all faculty, staff and students.

Librarary services

• Book lending

• Reference service

• Photocopying

• User awareness programmes

• News paper Clippings

• Internet

• CD-Rom Search Services free to all faculty, staff and students. 

Library Timings

The library is open on all working days except Sundays and General holidays. 

Monday – Saturday 8.30 am – 5.30pm 

Library Staff

  1.  Mrs. Soumya C S (Bsc,B.Ed, BLISc, MLISc) - Librarian 

  2.  Ms. Biji P P - Library Assistant


VISAT Library Rules

• Silence must be observed strictly in the Library.

• No bags,umbrellas,parcels,or any other personal belongings may be bought in to the Library.

• Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the library.

• The Library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he is found to be violating any of the Library rules.

• No books or library materials may be brought out of the Library until the loan hasbeen recorded.
        Unauthorized removal of library material is regarded as a very serious  offence.

• Library materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.

• The normal loan period for books is 15 days for students and 30 days for staffs.

• All books/journals and other library materials are to be used with care. Do not unpin the newspapers at any circumstances.
        After reading, the journals, magazines etc. should be placed in the journal rack.

• Engaging in conversation/discussion /group study inside the reading hall is  strictly prohibited.

• No user shall deface the library books by underlining or scribbling notes in the margins,etc.

• Chairs and tables and other library equipment, fittings and furniture may not be marked, defaced, disarranged.

• All users must follow the dress code of the college while visiting the library.

• All users should produce ID cards while  borrowing books

• Users are required to vacate the Library at designated closing times, upon hearing alarm bell

More About VISAT

Vinjyan Foundation , an educational and charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act is a social enterprise formed by a group of academicians, philanthropists and professionals with social commitment hoping to aid aspirant talented young minds to meet the future challenges with the motto, VISWAJEEVANAN JNANAM (Knowledge is the nectar of life)
VISAT Vision To march globally into a centre of excellence in technical higher education and promote VISAT Brand of engineers who effectively adapts findings of science to serve the nation. VISAT Mission To create technically qualified world-class professionals with social commitment. To provide excellent infrastructure in terms of cognate faculty, research labs, libraries to get unrestricted access to information and other facilities required for curriculum and extra- activities. To educate students on the unique role that science and technology plays in the advancement of society: economic and manpower development, building infrastructure, advancing technologies, expanding possibilities, and developing solutions. To ensure ethical practices, moral character, and to embrace engineering as a culture of service to humanity.