The mission of the Robotics club is to encourage students and faculty to discuss prototype and test robots that they choose to create on their own or with others.The club is mentored by various proffesors in their respective departments.The club is scheduled to meet twice in every month.


Future projects include the building of some basic autonomous robot.The students will learn to program the Arduino microprocessor for controlling the robots and interface the arduino to various components such as sensors and motors.More sophisticated robot designs are planned.In addition ,the group is aiming to enter some robotics competition in the future.




  1. Conduct an Arduino based robotics workshop in Jan-Feb 2018
  2. Conduct a Mini Robotics Intra Tournament.
  3. Create Robotics Team to participate in all the future tech fest’s in various colleges

More About VISAT

Vinjyan Foundation , an educational and charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act is a social enterprise formed by a group of academicians, philanthropists and professionals with social commitment hoping to aid aspirant talented young minds to meet the future challenges with the motto, VISWAJEEVANAN JNANAM (Knowledge is the nectar of life)
VISAT Vision To march globally into a centre of excellence in technical higher education and promote VISAT Brand of engineers who effectively adapts findings of science to serve the nation. VISAT Mission To create technically qualified world-class professionals with social commitment. To provide excellent infrastructure in terms of cognate faculty, research labs, libraries to get unrestricted access to information and other facilities required for curriculum and extra- activities. To educate students on the unique role that science and technology plays in the advancement of society: economic and manpower development, building infrastructure, advancing technologies, expanding possibilities, and developing solutions. To ensure ethical practices, moral character, and to embrace engineering as a culture of service to humanity.