Mr. Vimal Babu P

Mr. Vimal Babu P

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  • Assistant Professor Designation:
  • M.Tech Qualifications:
  • 2013-JAN-02Date of Join:
  • 5 YearsExperience:

M-Tech In IEM from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology,Kottayam(M.G.U)

B-Tech in CSE from College of Engineering Kidangoor.(CUSAT)

  1. Assistant Professor in VISAT,Elanji (From January 2, 2013)

Theory of Computation

Compiler Design

Computational complexity

Computer programming

Computer networks

Principles of programming languages

Principles of management

Software Engineering

Published a paper named “Mass Customization: A way to enhance productivity and

economic growth of a firm” in the Proceedings of International Conference on Recent

Innovations in Technology (ICRIT-2012) held in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology,


Published a paper named “Design and development of MRP in a public sector company”in the Proceedings of National Technical Congress. (NATCON-2013) held in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam.

  1. Staff-Editor of Newsletter |2017/18
  2. Staff-Editor of VISAT college magazine “SIGNATURE|2016"
  3. Staff-Co ordinator of VISAT college magazine “SIGNATURE|2015”
  4. Staff in charge of Literary and Debate club
  5. Staff in charge of  official FB page
  6. CYBORGS - CSE Association Staff Co-odinator