Engineering Chemistry

The laboratory practice has been an important part of professional and engineering undergraduate education. The laboratory is an ideal place for active learning. Students learn in a real world environment, function as team members, discuss the planning of experiments, and share ideas about the analysis and interpretation of data. Most engineering instruction took place in the laboratory and it demands the active use of knowledge and skill. In VISAT the Engineering Chemistry lab provides the students an excellent opportunity to cater all these needs. The lab is equipped with instruments like Spectrophotometer, Pensky Martin apparatus, Potentiometer, pH meter, Colorimeter etc

Engineering Physics

Theory and research suggest that meaningful learning is possible in laboratory activities if all students are provided with opportunities to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them. In VISAT, the Engineering Physics lab provides such an environment which provides the students the ability to apply the design process to engineering problems, the ability to formulate, conduct, analyse and interpret experiments in engineering physics. Thus impart some knowledge about some of the phenomenon they have studied in their engineering physics course and develop experimental skills. The lab is equipped with instruments like Thermocouple, Solar cell, Meldes string apparatus etc.