Every student should observe discipline and decorous behaviour both inside and outside the campus. Besides the following acts are considered to be illegal and gross violation of the code of conduct and punishable as indiscipline.

  1. Ragging or any nefarious misconduct that jeopardizes the tranquil educational atmosphere within and outside the campus.
  2. Indulgence in anti-national activities.
  3. Possession / consumption of alcoholic drinks and banned drugs.
  4. Any kind of malpractice in the examination.
  5. Noisy and unseemly behaviour, disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the college.
  6. using of mobile phones within the college campus.
  7. Non-production of identity card, on asking, at any time within the campus, tampering or mutilations of the same.
  8. Violation of the dress code as insisted by the College authorities from time to time.
  9. Any other acts considered by the college authorities as of serious indiscipline.